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A.M.C.'s goal is to make your home comfortable.

We're happy to provide the following limited-time offers:

Air Conditioning Tune-up

$139.00/per unit

Special is valid through 8/31/24

How does an AC Tune-up help my HVAC run better and what exactly happens during the Tune-up?

The 3 Main Benefits of an AC Tune-up:

  1. An AC tune-up can help keep your system from breaking down on a hot summer day, leaving you without cool air. During an AC tune-up, A.M.C. looks for signs of potential equipment failure and brings it to your attention, before there’s a problem.
  2. An AC tune-up can help keep your system running at maximum efficiency. An efficient system will run more economically and save you from big energy bills.
  3. Even though we offer great pricing, getting emergency service for your AC isn’t free. Since an AC tune-up can prevent emergency, it can help prevent you from having to pay to fix those emergency breakdowns.

What Your AC Tune-up Should Include:

A.M.C. checks for various elements during an AC tune-up to assure energy efficiency and prevent AC breakdowns.

Test refrigerant levels – Running out of refrigerant (due to a refrigerant leak) can cause your AC to breakdown on those hot summer days.

Wash condenser coils – Dirt buildup on the condenser coils acts as accidental insulation against the transfer of energy, preventing coils from working efficiently. As a result, your whole system works harder, increasing your energy bills.

What A.M.C. Inspects:

  • Contactor for proper electrical connectivity — The contactor is the switch in your AC unit that tells the system when to turn on to keep you cool. Early detection of a problem can prevent an AC malfunction.
  • Capacitors for signs of wear — Capacitors are basically small batteries that keep your AC motor running. If they fail, the AC motor won’t run, leaving you stranded in the heat. Plus, an AC motor attempting to run with broken capacitors can cause a permanent, costly breakdown. Yet another preventable repair.
  • Condenser fan motor — Similar to capacitors, if your condenser fan motor goes, so will your cool temperatures. A.M.C. inspects it during every AC tune-up.
  • Electrical connections — A break in electrical components is a small problem that can cause a complete AC breakdown.
  • Service valve for leakage — Since running out of refrigerant can cause major headaches, A.M.C. inspects any place refrigerant can leak. We’ll also examine the service valves for signs of leakage.
  • Indoor evaporator coil — Like with condenser coils, dirt acts like insulation. Good home insulation reduces energy bills but insulation on your coils wastes energy and money.
  • Blower assembly — A.M.C. inspects your blower assembly for signs of damage and cleans it to ensure it performs like new.
  • Calibrate thermostat — We’ll sync your thermostat to your HVAC system, ensuring you have total control over your system.
  • Flush condensate drain — The condensate drain on your AC flushes excess moisture away from your system. Over time bacteria and mold can grow in this line, eventually clogging it. A.M.C. will keep this drain line free of clogs, mold, and bacteria as part of the AC tune-up.
  • Evaluate air filters — Since your AC is such an important component of your home air quality, A.M.C. will check during the AC tune-up to confirm that your air is healthy to breathe and for your HVAC system. One of the easiest and most accurate ways to check this is to examine your system’s filters.

Our experienced HVAC technicians perform a thorough service with each AC tune-up to ensure you will have confidence knowing that your air conditioner will run efficiently and perform through the summer season.

Call today to ensure a cool, comfortable spring and summer!

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