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A.M.C. Answers Your Common Questions

Did you know that water attacks you tank – and actually deteriorates it? That is why preventive maintenance is so important for your water heater. If you have a professional cleaning of your tank once a year, that will prolong the life of your tank.

Like your water heater, your furnace needs annual maintenance as well. To prolong the life of your furnace and to make sure it works when you want it to, be sure to schedule an annual service check.

Geothermal heating can be a great option for some homeowners, but it won’t work for everyone. We are happy to talk with you and explore the options.

The good news is it might be something minor – sometimes it can be as simple as a battery change that is needed to get it going again! When you call us for service requests, we will always make sure that if it is simple, quick fix you can do yourself at home, that you do it! That is part of the “AMC Difference”!

This is another example of a problem or issue that can have a simple fix. In some cases, it can be a quick check of the emergency valve that solves the issue. Sometimes it is a bigger problem, but we are always on the lookout for the simple fix if possible.

No, these units are built to withstand an outdoor environment and should not be covered. If covered, condensation/moisture builds up in the unit and never gets a chance to dry out.

First, before freezing temperatures arise, unattach your garden hose. Close the shutoff valve on the pipe which leads to your outdoor faucet. Be sure to open the outdoor faucet so that any excess water can drain.

This smell come from food bacteria. Try one of these solutions: (1) pour in at least one cup of vinegar and wait at least an hour before rinsing with cold water OR (2) place ice cubes and lemon peels in the disposer, and run for about 30 seconds with cold water.

Here is a way to clean your faucet.

Create a mixture of one part salt to four parts vinegar, and then rinse your faucet well with this mixture. Finally wipe with a clean cloth.

TIP: Always test a small area first before you clean the entire faucet.
 This mixture also works well on shower stalls, tile, and sinks!

A standard furnace filter should be inspected every 4 to 8 weeks, and then use your own judgment of when to change. Don’t let the filter get “clogged”, as this will reduce the efficiency or even cause damage to the unit.

At least once a year in the fall. This will help keep your furnace running at maximum efficiency, thus saving fuel/money. Most importantly, maintenance also includes a thorough safety check of the entire unit.

Here are a few ideas of simple things you can do:

  • Clean the screen in your shower head, faucet, etc., at least once a year.
  • Have your water tested every few years to make sure that your water conditioning system is working properly.
  • Check pipes, faucets, etc. for any signs of leaks, discoloration and stains. If you spot any, contact the professionals at A.M.C. before things get worse.

Yes, this is an actual question we once received!

Tell him to not try to “fix” anything, and instead call the pros at A.M.C. who will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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